Chalton Gallery, London UK, January 28th, 2018.

With artist June Lam.


wrestling is real ⚠️

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Wrestling is Real


instaluv performance at the 2016 Queer Emergence Arts Festival

EVENT: Performative Workshop at Forest City Gallery


October 10th, 2015. 1PM

Bring a partner and come participate in Significant Other Body, a Performative Workshop lead by local performance artist Taylor Doyle. This event corresponds with FCG’s exhibition Uncooperative. (…)

The workshop will take place on Saturday October 10th, 2015, at 1:00 PM at Forest City Gallery.

It is a public event and anyone is welcome to participate/observe in any capacity. Be prepared to use your muscles, and to work closely with your partner. The closer your partner is to your height and weight the better, but anyone can partner up. ‘Partners’ are non-gender specific. This workshop will be modelled like an instructor-led fitness class. Every participating partnership should bring one yoga mat and wear clothes they can move about in. No experience necessary.

Significant Other Body is a project that Taylor has developed and practiced while working as Artist-In-Residence at D’CLINIC studios in Lendava, Slovenia.

Facebook RSVP:

Doyle_013Doyle_01 Doyle_practiceThis workshop will be performed with London artist, Faith Patrick. Originally performed with Indianapolis artist, Liz Wierzbiki.


June residency at D’CLINICstudios in Lendava, Slovenia.

The Slovenian word for workout exercise is ‘vaja’.

On Saturdays I go to the spa
I lie the whole time

I look for an open reclining chair
My feet feel like slime on the hot tiles, until the moisture between my toes evaporates
And then my feet feel like they are bubbling

People gaze at my bug bites, which are impressive
It’s not a repulsion, but more of a fascination, what skin can do
Allergic reaction and scratching make great red blisters with halos,
and some open tops

Disgust is a kind of excitement, disgust is an excuse, for looking

There are a lot of saggy bodies here. Saggy tits and saggy leg skin, that twist around bones with every step. Butts that fold over onto themselves, those are my favourite.
I don’t come here for sex, but I like to imagine, all that skin making love.
I always look when the other isn’t watching, isn’t on guard. And they would do the same. We all would.




legs open


Galleria Project

The Galleria Project is a new series of public interventions in which a body is inserted as both an active participant and deviant, into a public space. Galleria is performed in Masonville Mall in London, Ontario. The participant uses the architecture of the shopping mall space for personal fitness exercises, exploring movement, stationary strength control, bodily control, absurdity, and private practices on public platforms.

Galleria was installed at Western University in November 2014 on three separate monitors, each with a double channel display. A total of six different looped channels play at once with simultaneous sound.


*image links to one original video from one (installed) monitorScreen shot 2014-11-27 at 10.17.16 PM